Take a deep breath. Inhale the music, exhale your daily worries. You are here now. There is an entire universe we can escape to: our imagination.

We have the power to re-create our world by changing the perspective, by adding a drop of magic in everything we do, by surpassing our limits every day. There are stories that wait for you to discover them. Start right now, right here. Make this about you, after all.

"You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?" Rumi

Q Caffe

Directed by Cătălin Bocîrnea Performers: Crina Andriucă and Roxana Fânață Music production: Men-D Video recordings and edit: Sebastian Văcăriuc Body painting & make-up: Eva Dolha Executive producer: QCaffeThomas Mendel

Cluj-Napoca, Romania Mendel Collective 2017