Every person is a consequence of his creation as much as his creation is a consequence of him. Every human is an art and every art is human.

Is That You is a Mendel Collective performance purposefully created for DEV9T Festival, which took place in Belgrad, Serbia. The performance stretched over two days during the 2018 edition of the festival. Set in a children’s playground, a place where kids build out of tiny grains of sand the palette of personalities they would like to become, the perfomance aproaches the concept of being whoever you want, of embodying the identity of somebody else. The performers give up, one by one, their own identities to take over the identities of the spectators they encounter, becoming the mirror of their thoughts, emotions, of their whole existence. Finding his own face on the body of an unknown person awakes the spectator’s curiosity, that playful side hidden underneath the thick layers of his strictly organized daily live, and allows him to interact freely with his own reflection. The performance was enlivened by the dramatical accents of the soundscape and by the skillful eye of the photographer, creating thus a complex show of moving pictures and faces, of interactions and relations, of people standing in front of other people and finally looking them in the eyes asking: Is That You?

"IS THAT YOU?"  at Dev9t Festival 

Photography by Kay Ross ph Music: Men-D Video recordings and edit: Petar Marković Executive producer: Thomas Mendel


Roxana Fânață Ruxandra Hule Crina Andriucă Alex Chindriș Bogdan Olarson

Special thanks to Adina Cristina Roman, Mircea Roman, Cătătlin Bocîrnea, Predrag Popara and Ciglana Klub ljubitelja teske industrije

Belgrade, Serbia Mendel Collective 2018